Monday, September 13, 2010

I Should Be Barred

This weekend was not really a weekend for me.  With the process of having Jury Duty all week long, I had to miss all my wonderful bird surveys except for one...that normally takes two days.  And had to do it in one.

For some reason, I didn't bring that much food.  I think I believed it wasn't going to take as long as I figured it would, but it did: 12 hours.  But in reality as I look at the day, it really helped me out with listening to my hunger signals that I normally, just can't read.

The morning was kinda chilly and I was stoked for the oats I had prepared, but MAJOR FAIL.  I picked up some TJ's PB Flour last week while at home and had high hopes of just mixing it with some water and using it like not do this.  It was awful.  I don't know why I thought using FLOUR in OATMEAL just mixed in and not baked would be a good idea.  Goes to show what kind of baker I am.  Oops. You live you learn.  Which is why you don't have a picture of it; it was miserable.  Ugly too.  At least I was able to save the apple that had been cooked in.

By mid morning I was starving, probably because breakfast was so minimal in it's nastiness.

Who do you see?!?!?!  A butt?!  What?!  Yes, my nectarine had a butt.  I laughed out loud, and as loud as I wanted to boot.  I'm in the middle of no where thank you very much!  And along with the Clif PB Crunch bar, I was all smiles.  That sucker tastes like a Girl Scout Do-Si-Do.  No joke!  thank goodness it's healthyier.

I should have known it was going to hold me over very long (that bar never does, or I always wait too long to eat to let it do it's job properly) so I immediately dug into lunch.  And because I don't have many fresh veggies or fruits (the ones pictured I stole from home...bahaha!) I had to was, interesting.

Black Bean Burger with mustard and some red bell pepper strips.  Plus a Pluot.

Sadly I got half way through it, got spooked by some dirt bikers and dropped it in the sand.  Sorry, but the 5 second rule doesn't stand in this kind of situation.

Alas hours flew by and I could feel myself getting tired, and when coffee isn't working like it should, it either means I need a nap or food.  And my stomach was aching, ergo, I needed food.  All I had left packed was some carrot sticks and that wasn't going to be in comes my bar stash.  One of my favorites fyi.  that I can never find.  Why!?

And if you can't tell, I eat quite a few bars.  Surrounded by dirt.  As always.

Thank goodness there are always lots to choose from.  I believe highly in variety.

After 12 hours in the field starting at 6.15am I returned home to a happy kitty and an empty belly.  What do you make for dinner when there is nothing in the house?

Quesadillas (ok, more like Flat out with mozzarella cheese; that's not a quesadilla) paired with 1/2 an avocado mashed with some spices.  Simple and filling.  I had major garlic breath afterwards from that avocado dip.  Thank goodness I always have fruit to cleanse the pallet:

I think I've had these kiwis in the fridge for over a month.  And they still taste awesome, along with holding their density.  Hollar for kiwis.  And with raspberries?  It's like chocolate, but not quite.  Nothing is like chocolate.

I had every intention of hitting the hay early (yes, even on a, I had 12 hrs of work alright!?) but got sucked into watching Aladdin until Midnight.  Great childhood flashback (I lovvvvvved Jasmine) but left me with eyes that burnnnnned this morning.

But the best part of Saturday was the opportunity to really listen to my body (because obviously I can't do it every single day) and give it fuel when it really needed it.  Yes, there were times throughout the day when I wanted to eat because I was bored (um, 90+degrees = no birds) but without food being available I had to do other things, and just get over those feelings.  It was pretty awesome to finally be able to see that I could trust my body again and just simply eat without any guilt.  Because believe me, days like that are not few and far between.

It took me a while to wake up this morning and when I did, all I wanted was a smoothie.  Even when it was 65 degrees in my apartment.  Thank goodness for hoodies!

I bought some Guar Gum while at home this weekend and used it this morning in my smoothie...uh, that stuff takes away all the natural sweetness and flavor of the fruit.  Maybe I added too much, but was sad I couldn't taste my banana...the best part of a smoothie! Alas, the mix also included frozen blueberries, USVAB and Mom's Best Honey O's.  What?  You remembered I said no cereal?  I suppose I should have clarified and said, "No cereal for snacks."  I get too carried away with it for snacks, and it just isn't satisfying.

Alas, the rest of the day was shot to shit (oh, can I say that on my blog?  Duh yes) because I was so tired.  I could have gone to the store and gotten at least some tomatoes or something, but really, I just spend the rest of the afternoon napping on and off for four hours.  Yes, I said FOUR.  I was tired alright?  So the afternoon did not consist of meals...but snacking.  Like PB Pretzel Nuggets, an apple, chocolate pretzels, and blueberry and walnut bread with Justin's Chocolate PB.

And to finally get my butt off the floor I went for a run.  4.7 miles in 43 minutes never felt so good...

I thought I was going to be having another smoothie for dinner but hello, I might not have lots of fresh stuff but I sure as heck can come up with something tasty!  Now this one, was more like a quesadilla.  Minus the cheese (as last night's did not sit well at all.  Boo.), with the other 1/2 of my avocado mixed with some roasted vegetable salsa.  The refried beans are vegetarian, and tasty with that salsa mixed in too.

And now I'm watching Lady Gaga on the VMA's look...not so ferocious.  Just freak'n weird.

But I get to pick up my new computer tomorrow!  Hopefully this will be the last one I'll have to deal with as far as problems go...I'm really sick of it!

P.S. Best cat toy ever?  The top to chapstick.  My cat is gonna be exhausted.


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

"Clif PB Crunch bar, I was all smiles. That sucker tastes like a Girl Scout Do-Si-Do. No joke!"---ok thanks for the info.

There are some bloggers who say that Luna peppermint bars taste like thin mints. I hope your assessment is more accurate :)

Peanut flour, i have it. And duly noted the baking, oats, info!

Gabriela said...

I have TJ's peanut flour, but have yet to use it. Thanks for the tip on the oats though- guess I'll have to find something else to do with it!! I love bars too, but they get expensive so I'm trying to cut back. Clif WCM is definitely a favorite too though :)

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week love!! xoxo

Heather said...

I hate working for 12 hours - such a long day.

I don't blame you for having what I call a PJ day yesterday.

I love quesadillas - so quick and easy.

TheHealthyApron said...

Jury duty? Oh man. Doesn't sound fun at all!!

Cheers to listening to your body!

Krista said...

I love all the gorgeous food pictures in this post....and the backdrop scenery! Clif=my favourite bars ever! :)

Jamie said...

I like larabars the best- but i like making them myself!

Maddi said...

The blueberry walnut bread looks so good!!! :) I like how even on the lazy days you can still get up and take a run- I always find it so hard to get motivated to do stuff on those super tired days!! Have a good week!

Kristie said...

I'm all for the 5 sec (or 20 sec..) rule but sand is where I draw the line. Sand in the mouth is the worst.

You have me craving quesadilla (or even just a wrap with cheese, I'm down with that!) so badly right now. I need more tortillas!

My mom said lady gaga's dress looked like it was made of meat...and it totally did. So weird.

Jenn (eating bender) said...

You got me laughing out loud with the butt nectarine. :) I also love that you are in the picture like Where's Waldo! Sneaking in on the left-side mirror!

Too bad about that peanut flour! But the Flatout with melted cheese and/or refried beans looks delish. Big, big fan!

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Meghann said...

haha I was wondering if the PB Flour was at all like PB2. I guess not. ;)

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

My cat loves twist ties and bobby pins as toys. They always find the craziest things to play with, don't they?